Simple and fun

Quickly create events and let your customers customize a scrapbook to commemorate the occasion.

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Wireless and quick setup

Photos and strips are wirelessly transferred to Capturebook; no Internet connection needed

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Easy to use

Everyone from kids to great aunt Sally can easily create the perfect page

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Fun and Unique

Every page is a personalized memory of a great event that your clients can keep forever

Digital and Physical

Digital and Physical

Your clients can choose a high quality physical scrapbooks in addition to all digital copies


So much more than your mom’s scrapbook, CaptureBook let’s you create content in new and exciting ways. New features always being added to make sure you have the best tools for the job.

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Email or text individual pictures, strips, and pages. Twilio integration let’s you text from any ipad.

Edit ion

Apple Pencil lets you write and doodle accurately with every color in the rainbow

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Terrible handwriting? Type out a message in print or cursive

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Use all the photos and photo strips from the Photo Booth to make the perfect scrapbook

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Upload and use a custom background so your clients can have a truly personalized scrapbook experience

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Stickers/ Emojis

Hundreds of stickers and emojis make each page fun and unique

Unlimited Creativity

Our tools let your guests create unique, personalized, and heartfelt pages for any event. Get inspired with some designs.

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